Mako walking in on something she probably doesnt want to know about.

Ryuko and Satsuki fighting…probably. 

Anonymous asked: Modern!verse: Maleficent always works late and of course Aurora wants to stay up for her, but falls asleep on the couch most of the nights. So Mal watches her for a few moments (because imagine this adorable Aurora laying on the couch like a kitten), before she carries her to bed, kisses her softly and tries to be as quiet as she can while getting ready for bed too.


Also to add on:

Imagine Aurora talking in her sleep like

"No Diaval Maleficent is mine get your own potato."

Mal is just like

"Oh so it’s the potato dream again"



MALEFICENT by あおのり on pixiv


And lemme present a really beautiful relationship between Marianne and Arenne in the RWBY-verse AU


I prefer these two fighting like this

last doodle today adfjk




Ryuko makes a last act of rebellion.


The queen is queenin’


Serana groans, her throat dry and hunger claws at her. The stone cage that hid her for so many years slides open, causing her to fall forward. However, before she even came close to hitting the hard floor. A strong pair of arms catch her, the black haired woman’s face rests against a soft pair of breasts. A heart beat picks up the second her head lands there.

She felt the rough warmth of leather and a strong scent attacks her nose. Fresh rain and smoke mixed together on the person holding her yet there is another smell, a very unique one. It is bitter and sweet, cold but comforting. Death.

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Strategy session


look what my friend did fucking look at it